Who is Currie Management Consultants?

Currie Management Consultants is a team of consultants to manufacturers and dealers/distributors in the following industries: Agricultural Equipment, Material Handling, Construction Machinery, Power Generation, Commercial and Retread Tires, Transport Refrigeration, Marine, Heavy Trucks, Automobile, Temperature Control, Utility Vehicles, Maintenance & Repair Organizations (MRO), and more.

Distribution Analysis, Dealerization, and Dealer/Distributor Development are the top three services provided to manufacturers. Best Practices/20 Groups, Profit Improvement Workshops, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Valuations, and Leadership/Management Development top the services we provide to Dealers and Distributors.

For closely held, private companies, we provide Business Continuation Services, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, and other staff related Management Training.

As Management Consultants, we, at Currie, are ready to assist manufacturers and dealers/distributors with today’s business challenges.

Current News

  • Currie’s Q2 Article Review – Building a Game-Changing Talent Strategy - Currie Management Consultants, Inc. is recommending HBR’s Building a Game-Changing Talent Strategy, as required reading for 2nd quarter 2014.  This piece takes us through some best practices and guidelines for creating and maintaining a successful team of highly talented employees.  … Continue reading
  • 2012 Global Workforce Study - Currie Management Consultants, Inc. recommends that all clients read the 2012 Global Workforce Study by Towers Watson to learn more about their Engagement Model.  What’s the big deal about “engagement”?  And why do we, as distributors of industrial equipment, want … Continue reading
  • Leadership Development 2015 - Registration for Leadership Development 2015 is now open.  The program is scheduled to begin February 23 & 24, 2015. Invest in developing your leadership team and secure the future success of your dealership/distributorship!  Participants of the Currie Leadership Development Program will: Attend four … Continue reading